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    I am trying to use orb on my 9530. I log into myorb and the page that opens looks like it is a desktop view and I can not select any of the links such as settings to change view to mobile. Also I can only see like a 1/4 of what the screen should be and it doesnt alow me to scroll the screen. I believe it is that I need to mobile view of this site/prog to run it. It I open it up in Bolt I see the mobile view but I am not able to stream video/music b/c it trys to open up blackberry brower and then gives me an error.

    Any help or letting me know if you can change a setting would be greatful. I have read posts about people having it work fine on their storm but I can not get info if setting needed to be changed.

    Thanks ahead of time for your input.
    02-25-09 08:10 AM
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    Guys I know I just posted but I have been messing around with this thing for 2 days. Well I found something that worked for me to get me into the mobile view of the Orb site. I went into the browser and turned everything off in the
    Options -> Borwser Config -> I unchecked all boxes then tryed to load mycast.orb.com it then gave me and error opening page and there was a link to go to the mobile version of Orb. Click on that and then save that link. It seems to be working for me.
    Went into Orb and then to settings on the site and had to change the steaming to 3GP that will allow you to stream your videos/audio to your storm.

    Hope this helps anyone since I have been pulling my hair out for 2 days.
    02-25-09 08:30 AM