1. leemoreau's Avatar
    When you take a picture, the only options I have are send via email, send to facebook or send to a messenger contact. If I click create new message, it says email, text, pin etc. I don't see MMS anywhere on my phone, other people mention it though. I find it strange Verizon would have it and not Telus when Verizon blocks way more stuff than Telus?
    02-01-09 08:56 PM
  2. cinosa's Avatar
    MMS was not included on the initial release for both Telus and Bell, not sure about Verizon for our neighbors south of the border. I work for Bell, and from what we're told, sometime during Q1 there's going to be an update making MMS an option. For now, have to send em via email.
    02-01-09 09:30 PM
  3. Phatric's Avatar
    ^^^That's a joke! "an option" means something they'll charge for...

    Much like Telus' " 50% OFF!!!! $7.50 Visual Voice Mail!!!" . . . LAME! Verison charges $3!

    After conversion that's $3.70... so take another 50% off your 50% !

    I digress...

    ugh... i'll keep paying...i look forward to PPU MMS.
    02-01-09 10:00 PM
  4. Czechmate's Avatar
    Telus and Bell do not support MMS because they wan you to use e-mail meaning you need to have data it is a cash grab. And yes Verison does support MMS which is dumb but oh well Canadian cell phone companies are a rip off
    02-01-09 10:42 PM
  5. adamh10#AC's Avatar
    Telus and Bell do not support MMS on BlackBerry devices only.

    Rogers = MMS support, no charge for incoming SMS, much better all around.
    02-02-09 12:00 AM
  6. leemoreau's Avatar
    No Rogers is the worst company in the world, if they called me today and said they had a free Bold for me including free service for life I'd tell them to kiss my ***. I would never leave Telus, plus my plan is too good, $50 a month with tax including system fee for unlimited data email im texting incoming calls evening weekends from 5pm 250 daytime 100 ld voicemail and call display, I'd never leave.

    Anyway though mms isn't a huge deal I don't mind using email, it's more my one friend has a normal phone so she's the only one I can't send pics to anyone else I use bb messenger or email so was just curious.
    02-02-09 08:18 AM