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    Bad day,

    I just set a password on my device using the qwerty keyboard and the device won't continue unless I punch in a password..... However if I plug it into my laptop it prompts for the password and takes it. Just not on the handheld! This is non-bes so i'm pretty much sunk here.

    For interest sake if I plug it back into the laptop it resets the amount of tries before it wipes the unit. I can see the contents of the device with desktop manager.

    Please help..
    05-16-09 11:45 PM
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    I've wiped my handheld and done a restore. While putting my keyboard to horizontal qwerty I set a password of bbh on the device. The unit then cannot be unlocked via the horizontal keyboard...... This has to be a bug... The bbh password will work if I plug the unit into my laptop and apply the password under blackberry desktop, confirming that the password was entered correctly.

    Aside from that if I enter bbh as the device password it doesn't increment the attempts. It will if I use bbhhhh though.

    05-18-09 10:52 PM