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    Just got mine today. First Blackberry I've ever owned, I didn't even have the patience to fully charge it (until now as it's plugged into my computer for the rest of the night).

    Can someone out there detail the process of loading my songs from my itunes (at least some of them) onto the microsd card so I have them on the phone? Any help is much appreciated.
    11-22-08 10:22 PM
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    in desktop manager go to--- blackberry media sync--- and it will locate your playlists just select and sync. If you want to drag and drop on media card you have to hit---- back up and restore--- in DM then hit--- advanced--- and let it go through its course and it will allow your computer to see it as a mass storage device. then on your phone under--- options--- memory--- make sure mass storage is selected. Then just open up my computer click on the blackberry as a drive and open the file you want to put file in for example music and then drag and drop file into folder and it will now be on your phone
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    11-22-08 10:29 PM