1. hNic1185's Avatar
    Can someone explain to me how doing a "wipe" with the available programs is a benefit over a straight upgrade. Reason I ask is when you upgrade using DM it "wipes"(deletes the old os) after creating a backup then installs the new os. I just can't figure out why using a "wipe" program has any greater benefit

    Please someone clarify

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    01-15-09 08:00 AM
  2. mtoomey79's Avatar
    You are wiping any remnants of the previous OS before you install the new OS.

    Think of it as formatting a hard drive before using it...

    Personally, I swear by it.
    01-26-09 11:40 PM
  3. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Some would disagree, but I see no benefit to it. I've tried OS loads both ways and there were absolutely no differences. If the OS had flaws, I saw them under both install instances. Just my findings though....
    01-26-09 11:46 PM
  4. XenIneX's Avatar
    I seem to notice that all the people who have unique problems with installs tend to preface their experience with a declaration of having wiped the device first. I get the feeling that there are some settings which get nuked that aren't saved and replaced by the backup.

    Personally, I just fire up AppLoader and click-through. Thusfar, no weird problems that aren't confirmed OS bugs.
    01-27-09 12:14 AM
  5. korp#IM's Avatar
    Its suggested to wipe every 3-4 updates. When I wiped my storm I did notice an increase in app memory however. Also honestly it takes like 2 seconds to wipe the device but its not required.
    01-27-09 12:19 AM
  6. hNic1185's Avatar
    Where is it suggested?

    What I notice is people with problems all have 1 thing in common...3rd party apps

    Which begs the question are these apps Storm specific or ported over to the storm OS

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    01-27-09 07:34 AM
  7. mjbesen310's Avatar
    theres no reason for a wipe at all. Verizon does not recomend a wipe

    I never have, never will do a wipe.
    01-27-09 07:39 AM
  8. hNic1185's Avatar
    I'm only 4th os upgrade without a wipe and have never noticed anything...

    I think wiping is just a placebo for some people since there's no proof that it does anything helpful at all

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    01-27-09 07:51 AM
  9. BBMaster's Avatar
    How do you wipe your phone? Can not find the option
    02-10-09 07:38 PM