1. Maija's Avatar
    Hi Crackberry ,

    I read and article that said they where able to get multi-touch on the G1 after a software upgrade, dose anyone know it the screen on the storm has that ability and all it take is an upgrade??
    11-24-08 06:58 AM
  2. magnified's Avatar
    The Storm has multi-touch - I've used it often to select text and to highlight multiple messages...
    11-24-08 07:03 AM
  3. hadisious's Avatar
    the storm has quite of bit of hardware power that the software can still take advantage of, both multi-touch and otherwise
    11-24-08 07:06 AM
  4. ddowell13815's Avatar
    multi touch is used but not used in the extent that iphone uses, i believe that devlopers will use this more then rim.
    11-24-08 07:54 AM
  5. jakeh0's Avatar
    i really want pinch zoom! if viigo can use gestures for links then pinch zoom must be possible
    11-24-08 08:20 AM
  6. DreamSTi's Avatar
    If you use Opera Mini as a browser you double touch, not click. I kind of like it.
    11-24-08 08:23 AM