1. NeoGeo71's Avatar
    Can I sort videos in file folder structure or is it all lumped into one directory in alphabetical order? I would like to group tv show seasons into seperate folders...
    05-19-09 03:00 PM
  2. Transfigured's Avatar
    Media > menu > explore > select a location > menu > new folder.
    05-19-09 03:15 PM
  3. NeoGeo71's Avatar
    Media > menu > explore > select a location > menu > new folder.
    thats good to hear. can it read tags from video media like itunes can? I can deal with managing it through file folders if needed.

    Can Storm read h.264 video files? or should I stick to .mp4? I use isqueeze on Mac to convert divx tv shows to h.264 on my iphone... Looking to move to Storm...
    05-19-09 03:26 PM
  4. Transfigured's Avatar
    Idk...u need other(s) 2 reply!
    05-19-09 03:29 PM
  5. jdgr's Avatar
    I have a similar question expanding on the folder request: I can
    create folders but is there a way to only show certain folders, or to
    Hide certain folders from appearing in the media player list?

    I have a lot of videos and I have them sorted, but they still
    all show jumbled together in the video player which is a nuisance
    For me.
    05-19-09 04:33 PM
  6. Transfigured's Avatar
    W/pics u can create subfolders. Idk re vids.
    05-19-09 05:39 PM