1. Gixxer86's Avatar
    I like the way that I can delete the chosen emails that I want on my Storm and they be deleted in Outlook as well. that works perfect. Is there a way that I can set up a folder that I can put certain emails in on my Desktop so that when I delete an email on my Storm it does not get erased on the desktop as well? I get important emails that I save in a folder within outlook and want to save them. When I delete them on the Blackberry to save space and everything else and open the separate folder in Outlook, it is gone as well. Any advice would be great!
    04-14-10 09:22 AM
  2. djm1947's Avatar
    When I delete an email on the Storm I am given three options:

    1 On Mailbox & Handheld

    2 On Handheld

    3 Cancel

    If you have similar options, then delete using "On Handheld" and the Outlook emails will not be deleted.
    04-24-10 12:02 AM