1. SHRIVES23's Avatar
    I Have a Storm 9530. The internet options allows you to change the web browsers when it is launched. Is there a way to have an icon on the homescreen launch Firefox, then have another on the home screen launch internet explorer and so on?

    02-25-09 12:01 PM
  2. Habious's Avatar
    You're not actually launching one of 3 different web browsers; your Storm only comes with one browser (you can install Bolt or Opera Mini but, that's a different thread).

    All that setting does it tell the website you're visiting what browser you're using. Essentially, if you set it to "Firefox" or "Internet Explorer", your phone is lying to the website...saying "Umm..yeah, as far as you know, I'm a desktop PC running Firefox so, why don't you just show me the full webpage".

    If you set it to "Blackberry", the phone reports to the website that you're surfing to that webpage from a Blackberry mobile device, and the webpage may direct you to their "mobile" website instead of the full website.

    Not all websites has a full version and a mobile version.

    But, bottom line...the Storm has one browser.
    02-25-09 01:37 PM