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    Well, the Storm is/was my first BlackBerry, and over the weekend, I had a chance to web browse with a bold, and all I can say is "how did RIM screw up the web browser on the Storm that much". The web browsing on the bold is smooth, and on the storm, I was ready to do what the bold owner did to the Storm when at the Verizon store, give it a toss....

    They have got to fix this! For example, go to any PHPbb forum and try to type something into the same form that I am typing into now to write this message. There is a good 3-4 second delay between key presses and something showing up on the screen. It just's locks up!

    I have learned to live by faith alone. Also, the page rendering is poor at best. Sorry, I did not want to gripe, but early today I was ready to toss mine today.
    02-18-09 03:45 PM
  2. Oilbrnr's Avatar
    /* goes to get popcorn and a cold beer */

    I'm sure there will be some helpful advise here shortly:

    1. "Take it back then"
    2. "Works great on my Storm, must be you since you are a BB newb"
    3. "Try the latest leak, everything is fixed"
    4. "Have faith, RIM will get this sorted out soon"
    5. "Just wait till March when the app store opens"

    02-18-09 04:05 PM
  3. asmallchild's Avatar
    Most reviews have the storm outperforming the bold when it comes to the browser

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    02-18-09 04:41 PM