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    I am trying to determine if there is a way to sync 100% of the data in Outlook between two computers using a Blackberry Storm as the go-between (Calendar/Tasks/Contacts/Notes). I have seen many posts about using a Blackberry to sync between two computers, but there appear to be many Outlook fields that are NOT transferred to the Blackberry. Hence, when I go to sync to the 2nd computer, won't this information be missing?

    To see the fields that are not synced, go to the Desktop Manager, Select Synchronize/Configure - Synchronization/Synchronization/Advanced/Map Fields. On the Calendar tab, the fields that are not mapped include Categories, Sensitivity, Label, etc. On the Address Book tab, there are dozens of fields that are not synced. Memopad and Tasks show similar fields that are not synced.

    A bit of background. I use Outlook extensively on two computers (home & work) without having access to an Outlook server. I sync Calendar/Tasks/Contacts/Notes between these two stand alone computers by using my old Treo with Chapura KeySuite software. This software syncs ALL Outlook fields and data to the Treo, and then when I connect the Treo to the 2nd computer, keeps that one fully in sync also. The default Treo Intellisync software did NOT sync all Outlook fields to the Treo.

    With the Treo, I am able to make changes to any device (Home Computer, Work Computer, or Treo) and it will sync to all three devices on the next connection. If I accidently make a change to the same item on two devices it informs me of the conflict.

    If I ditch the Treo, and try to use the Blackberry to sync via the Desktop Manager on the two different computers, won't I start to lose Outlook information in the fields that are not synced to the Blackberry? Is there a solution for this like the KeySuite software on the Treo?

    03-23-09 06:53 PM
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    Sorry I can't answer your question. I've been a long-time Treo user and didn't even use KeySuite.

    I also use Outlook heavily and what I do is I just use a portable USB harddrive for my Outlook data file. Therefore, I have access to exact same data wherever I am, even emails.
    03-24-09 06:15 AM