1. nreyes's Avatar
    I have a S1 with malfunctioning camera. I have tried all possible fixes found on the crackberry forums along with some other sites; to no avail. My question is will they exchange for a properly functioning phone, I dont need a new model-refurbished will do. My only concern is that my phone has a small crack in the screen. The crack is simply cosmetic as the screen still functions properly. What course should I take or am I S.O.L...?
    04-19-10 09:19 PM
  2. BigJav209's Avatar
    i having an issue with my camera not opening also..
    04-20-10 11:17 AM
  3. Mister Xiado's Avatar
    If reloading the software didn't work, then there's nothing to be done. If the camera application didn't load from the menus, at least.

    If it's just the button goofing off, you may be able to have that replaced, but that requires a small amount of skill in disassembling small electronics.
    04-20-10 02:00 PM