1. nightfishing's Avatar
    I have had this issue with all OS's after 103.

    All the leaks and the BBCrackmeem hybrids (including all the 113'ss and 114's).

    About 1 in every 3 times I try to take a pic, the phone reboots.

    Anyone else facing this? Anyone have a workaround?

    Anyone know the last camera version that didn't cause this to happen?

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    03-30-09 08:38 AM
  2. RyBerryStorm's Avatar
    This has been driving me nuts! I am currently on .113 and missed some primo shots at both my nieces and my sons birthday parties because of this. I did not have this problem with .109, but .113 does it all the time. I would like to know a work around for this as well because as it stands right now the camera is unusable.
    03-30-09 08:43 AM
  3. nightfishing's Avatar
    I loaded the 103 camera file (and vid_cam) and it seems to be working w/o the reboot (since it was somewhat random, I am not 100% sure)

    I will report back if the "fix" seems to stick.
    03-30-09 09:21 AM