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    For some reason about an hour after being on the phone stop allowing for voice calls. now what actually happens is that i can call and it will dial and it will connect but it's like the microphone & sound is not working...??? it is really weird it doesn't matter if I'm using a headset or any thing sometimes with a headset people on the other end can not hear my voice. It also was that way for my media files either it only let me hear the music if i activated the handset...
    when i am in a phone calls it usually where the speaker button is it says handset and no matter what i do it will not activate the handset...

    even sometimes when i am making a call it will dial, connect but i will not hear anything...?
    This is about the weirdest thing that i have ever seen...

    any help anyone...?
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    01-22-09 10:15 PM
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    ./ bump :/
    01-23-09 04:24 AM
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    Try pulling the battery.
    01-23-09 07:45 AM