1. rsarno's Avatar
    Can someone tell me the exact dimensions of the pics i can use for Caller ID photos?

    I will find fullsize pics of all my friends and resize them to be perfect

    And so i dont start a new thread, i just got this email and im SIKED!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for placing your order with Verizon Wireless. We wanted you to know that your Verizon Wireless order was shipped. Tracking #XXXXXXXXXX

    so whats the dimensions of the photos used for caller id?

    12-15-08 01:20 PM
  2. atang79's Avatar
    When you add the picture to the contact, it will allow you to crop the image. I should say, it will force you to crop the image.
    12-15-08 01:23 PM
  3. chrisindfw's Avatar
    The caller ID photos are SMALL! About a thumb size.
    12-15-08 01:23 PM
  4. rsarno's Avatar
    There must be a specific size i can apply.

    But why are they so small??
    12-15-08 01:27 PM
  5. boilerbinkley's Avatar
    It will ask you to crop. My caller id pics are about one inch square.

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    12-15-08 01:27 PM
  6. Dave88LX's Avatar
    Oh Hmm. I was just going to crop/resize them in Photoshop before I sent them over.

    If I load the full sized pics on the phone, does it keep the full size and make another copy for the cropped for caller ID?
    12-28-08 03:14 PM
  7. randmc2008's Avatar
    and after you crop the picture, you can delete the original pic you cropped from and it will retain the pic for your contact.
    12-28-08 03:22 PM
  8. Dave88LX's Avatar
    Oh OK good that helps.

    Anyone know what size I can crop to prior to loading that will make it so I won't have to crop it in the phone?
    12-28-08 03:29 PM