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    No matter what i do i can't get the call waiting to work on the Storm. I'm using unlocked Storm with TMobile. Tmobile says i have call waiting (which i have had for years with them) - Since TMO doesn't support the Storm they can't help me.

    When I'm on a call and another comes through if i click any button I lose the first call and i'm connected to the 2nd with no way of getting back to the first. Then when i look in the call log it says something like conference on both calls.. Auughh so frustrated I just want call waiting to work

    Is there anyone in CrackBerry Land that can help me? I've checked host tables and service
    06-02-09 11:13 AM
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    I'm using the Storm with tmobile and when I get a call, i have several options.

    1. Answer and drop current.
    2. Answer and hold current.
    3. Ignore.
    4. Reject.

    Try a battery pull.

    Since its logging both calls as a conference call, there might be a software issue that has arisen. What OS are you using? Try wiping the device and reinstalling the software.

    Another tip...when the second call comes in...place your finger over the button you want to press on the screen (don't click)..wait for it to highlight before actually clicking down on the screen.

    I hope something works. Good luck!
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    06-02-09 11:38 AM