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    DM will not snychronize my calender but it does for my task and memos. I use Outlook 2007 and XP Pro. I've been on the phone with vzn tech support and so far they can not figure it out. They are suppose to call me back after contacting RIM, but I'm just sitting here waiting. They had me reinstall DM and that did not work. This just started a couple of days ago and it was working fine prior to that. Any ideas out there?
    05-20-09 11:32 AM
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    Vzn called me back and got a RIM tech on the phone and fixed the problem. A couple of days ago I lost my send button for emails so I had to resend the service books. Apparently this messed up a setting for the calendar.

    Here is the fix. Options>Default Services>Calendar - Change from Facebook to my default email.
    05-20-09 02:34 PM