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    Is there a way to turn off the time zone on the Blackberry calendar? I know I can turn off time zone in the Date/Time options of the Blackberry itself, but I obviously need to leave it on there or the time does not change correctly when switching time zones.

    Here is an example -- I live in Virginia -- I had a 2:55 flight out of Minneapolis yesterday, I added it to Google Calendar as such, however when synced to the Blackberry and while in Minneapolis it showed up as 1:55 in my calendar. Without going in and manually changing the time zone on such events is there an option to just disable time zone support for the calendar and just show an event as 2:55 (or whatever) no matter which time zone I am in?

    Thanks for any help.
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    well you didn't tell it the right timezone in Google it seems. I can't say for sure since i'm a exchange/outlook guy. When i create stuff on my PC in Outlook, i specify the timezone and it stays correct when it reaches my phone. It compensates where it has to based on it's current zone.
    11-29-09 08:12 AM
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    When you make an appointment or enter a calendar event that actually occurs in another time zone such as your Minneapolis flight, make sure when entering the calendar event that you select the correct time zone for where the event occurs.

    For example, if you're home in Virginia and make a reservation that departs Minneapolis at 2pm, make sure you select Central time zone when entering the reservation info. It will then show at 3pm when you're in Virginia which is the Eastern equivalent for 2pm Central. When you're in Minneapolis and change your BB to local Central time zone, the reservation will correctly show in your BB as 2pm.
    11-29-09 08:18 AM
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    Thanks for the answers, unfortunately it appears Google only supports time zones per calendar, not per event, so that won't really work for me. I'll just have to set it an hour ahead or whatever based upon which time zone it takes place in.

    Thanks again.
    11-29-09 08:31 AM