1. frankybeenz's Avatar
    hi ... i am running .75 on my storm ... have 2 email accts via BIS (optonline and vzw.blackberry). I sync my work lotus notes calendar with desktop manager (v4.7) to my storm ... but for some reason .... some meetings say they are from my vzw.blackberry acct (lotus notes) and others are coming from my optonline acct ... denoted by different colors (blue vs green). The issue is I only use one calendar, Lotus Notes (vzw.blackberry) ... so the appts that it has coming from my optonline acct are actually originating from my Notes (vzw acct). Any way to have my calendar just as one color coming from my Notes (vzw acct)? Hopefully I explained this correctly ... any help is appreciated.
    02-27-09 12:26 PM
  2. bbsean's Avatar
    Delete the Service Books for the Calendars you don't need. That's what I did:

    Options / Advanced Options / Service Books / Select the CICAL entries that you don't need / BB Menu / Delete
    02-27-09 12:31 PM