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    Hello all,

    This question is just to break up all the .90 messages that are going on.

    I was the one who moved from Thunderbird/Lightning to Outlook. I have it all syncing with a couple of questions. Yes I have searched but no real answers other than what I list below.

    Multiple calendars.. answers from posts are to change default service cical to other calendar, change default calendar in outlook and do sync to outlook. Is this the only way? I have seen in DM 4.7 that you can map folders on the first screen of the advanced under calendar. What is this for? How do you use it?

    I could use some help with this.

    3 emails and calendars on BB Storm. blackberry.net, yahoo, isp.com. I am trying to sync isp.com as default with my outlook default. I am additionally trying to sync yahoo cical calendar to peronal calendar on outlook (second calendar). Do I have to name the calendar the same name as on the BB? Am I an ***** or am just looking at this BB the wrong way. I am about to cough up the $4 bucks a month on thinkpost to avoid this hassle. I am beginning to think RIM does not want the consumer market. Please make me a believer. I love the phone and tech. I have to be doing something wrong.

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    01-22-09 10:36 AM
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    Late to the party here, but ThinkPost is awesome and worth every penny. I finally got it setup yesterday and it works perfect. I am not too sure on the multiple calendars issue, but if you contact support for ThinkPost.net, Vincent the owner/developer will get right back to you and should be able to answer your questions.
    02-03-09 09:48 AM
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    My suggestion on calendar. Scrap the blackberry. My curve sucks big time. Problems with randomly erasing appointments. As soon as this plan is up in May, you will no longer see me with a BB. Overhyped, under value...
    02-03-09 09:58 AM