1. tbonenga's Avatar
    hey i've had the free version of bebuzz for a while. well i just bought the full version. which is very cool. i also bought vlingo on sale from the app world. i bought them at the same time. this is my problem. when i get a email vlingo tries to read it for me but i think bebuzz makes my phone be every 3-5 seconds with a beep. this makes it so i can;t hear what the email or text is saying. i've looked all thru bebuzz and couldn't find know where to adjust sound alerts. if somebody could help it would be greatly appreciated.
    07-04-10 02:09 AM
  2. MGrime's Avatar
    this might not be a hard one

    i have bebuzz to and it is amazing!
    do you have any sound alerts configured for your profiles?
    disable the sounds in profiles, you can disable the sound by put the volume in the profile to none.

    try it out and let me know
    07-04-10 04:57 PM
  3. MrTruckincowboy's Avatar
    probably you have the repeat reminder on turn that off so it doesn't mess with vlingo.
    07-04-10 10:20 PM
  4. tbonenga's Avatar
    how do you set the sound alerts in your profile? i can't find them. can you please give me a step by step guide. also where do you go to turn the repeat reminder on/off?
    07-05-10 06:52 PM
  5. MGrime's Avatar
    I will try but can not give you a step by step because mine is in dutch so i have no idea what options you see but i will give it a try.
    on your home screen you can push the sound profile butten it is mostly in the left top corner, then you can select several profiles like normal, Loud, Silent etc..
    if you scroll down you also see something like adjust profiles or change profiles.
    then you need to select which profile you want to change. select normal.

    you will see different catagories of alerts. for example: Telefone options, messages, chatmessages, memmories.
    select messages it will fold down. go to text messages (SMS)
    then you can adjust the alert ringtone and volume. put the volume to none (the one below 0)

    now save it and you are done.
    let me know if you were able to manage it by my amateur step by step walkthrough
    07-07-10 05:23 PM