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    that is slow (before i synch) - is it possible he did something wrong during the process of unlocking it? it's INCREDIBLY SLOW! but, i have yet to put my stuff into it - he said he did the whole unlocking thing and tried it out and said it was slow for him as well; but all of you other tmobile 8320ers to stormers have said the opposite.

    can i reset the device to original, then re-unlock? or what?

    05-19-09 01:26 AM
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    It's most likely the OS he's using that he performed the unlock on. That's what's causing the slow operation and feel of the device. The phone's SIM card slot is permanently unlocked to use on other networks, but the full carrier unlock (the thing that allows you to use Browser and Email, etc) can always be re-done. I would recommend wiping the OS, downloading a newer, leaked OS that's much better than what he's using now, and then perform the T-Mobile carrier unlock.

    I'm using an unlocked Storm with the full carrier unlock on OS .122 with the .90 OS radio code (it maintains better EDGE connection).
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    05-19-09 01:30 AM
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    Once it is unlocked, it is unlocked forever. Nothing will change that.

    As far as the Slowness....it wasn't due to the unlocking process.

    1) First, try a battery pull

    2) I assume you are on .75 (Options > About can confirm this)
    The leaked OS's that have been released are night and day compared to the original stock system on the phone.

    3) Make sure you read THIS thread

    4)This one too

    5) Welcome to the Storm land, lol
    05-19-09 01:32 AM