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    Hi there,

    The suggested posts that come up when I type in my subject line are pretty old (mid 2009 and older) and since things change so fast I'd like to get current info.

    I've had my Storm I a year the end of this month (June 2010) and absolutely LOVE it with a couple of exceptions that is. I'm not crazy about the virtual keyboard, I'm constantly backspacing & retyping which is annoying. Have heard that the Storm II is much better in the keyboard department and am anxious to go try it out. The other thing I love is a flip phone which of course the Storm is not no matter which version you have. I have a couple of those clip-on holders for the waist/purse etc but I'm not crazy about holders, prefer to just pop my Storm into a purse pocket which is what I love about a flip phone - don't need a clip-on holder to protect the face. I don't foresee the Storm ever being offered in a flip version ... do you?

    I have Verizon's New Every Two option and this came up in a phone discussion w/them a few months ago. They apparently have a plan where you can actually get a new phone in a year (vs 2 yrs) if you pay an additional $20. It's been awhile since the conversation so I'm not positive I remember everything correctly that was said then. If I understand correctly, I wind up paying full contract price for the new Storm II PLUS $20 plus I would imagine they extend my contract for another two years. Anyone who can shed any true light on this I'd love to hear your comments. We are SUPER SICK of getting screwed over by cell phone companies.

    So, where I'm at is this ... do I try to hunt up an unlocked Storm II vs going thru Verizon? Like will this save me money or are they going to hit me up with all kinds of fees because I didn't get the phone thru them? I've never purchased a phone other than through the cell phone company and not sure how that all works. We are currently on their unlimited talk/text plan which is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced as compared to Sprint and maybe even ATT but we already know Sprint is not an option for us because hubby is a trucker and their coverage is like half of Verizon's and we finally had to cancel the contract because he was constantly suffering dropped calls and not being able to make calls. Because of the problems we didn't have to pay any early termination fees, thank goodness but it was an expense anyway because of course we had to pay for two sets of new phones in about a year's time because of the company switch. Yes, we could have gone back to using our old phones but I *really* wanted a Storm <g> I'm leery about having the same problem with ATT or some other phone company. It costs WAY to much to switch companies only to find out that Verizon really does have the best coverage which is our most important need. We can't afford to make another costly mistake.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that $220 per mo for two cell phones is highway robbery? I think Verizon knows they have the best coverage so they get away with charging these ridiculously high prices because there are people like us who need the coverage. I think $30 per mo is awfully high to have Internet.

    Next ... if I were to look for a different model of phone is there one that is pretty much identical to the Storm but would have a real keyboard and be a flip phone? Those are the only two things I can think of that I would like to have that I can't have w/the Storm.

    Thanks for any and all input. I'm looking for common sense good solutions that won't cost us an arm & a leg AGAIN.
    06-07-10 05:29 AM
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    Switch, Storm II is rumored to only receive certain parts of OS6 - Do not waste your money on a device that will be outdated soon.
    06-07-10 05:52 AM
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    But switch to what? Which phone is going to give me the big screen, touch screen-ability, sync w/Outlook for my calendar & tasks, and a few other things I need and give me a real keyboard & flip phone style? Suggestions are open!
    06-07-10 06:40 AM