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    long story short- i dropped my phone while getting out of my car and the screen cracked. all i get is a white bright light with a whole bunch of lines. worried that the phone was gone for good, i connected it to DM and everything seems to be working fine. i also got a miss call but i didn't get the ring, just the red blinking light. my question is, should i get a replacement phone(my 4th, and i only had this for 2 weeks) or can the techs and verizon store help fix for a minimal charge? and also, if they charge, how much? or should i just get a replacement for 50$?
    05-25-09 04:21 PM
  2. dieseldude's Avatar
    I think it would be easier to replace it, I know its 50 bucks but it would probably take away some headaches.
    05-25-09 04:24 PM
  3. rotox21's Avatar
    thanks! that's what i was thinking, too. i'm just afraid because vzw keeps track of phone records and this is going to be my 5th(in less than 6 months). first two were replaced because of screen clicks, 2nd and 3rd due to dust under the screen. wow...

    to make my situation worse. vzw doesn't fix screens so i'm forced to get a replacement. for those who are wondering how much replacements are, its no longer 50$, they just charged me 69.99!(whats insurance for anyway?) just came in effect last sunday...DONT BREAK YOUR PHONE!
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    05-25-09 05:07 PM
  4. dionsb's Avatar
    $69.99 or $89.99?...I know the new tiered insurance charges different for an advanced device now...But I thought is was $90 for blackberry's?
    05-25-09 05:18 PM
  5. Soutenstyle's Avatar
    I thought you could only make two claims a year with Asurion?
    05-25-09 05:29 PM
  6. rotox21's Avatar
    $69.99 w/ Asurion for any pda devices. With Asurion u can make up to 2 claims a year, after the 3rd you will be charged for the actual price of the phone. It's done now, i got charged but luckily with fedex 2day delivery i will have it by Wednesday.
    05-25-09 05:43 PM
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    so you paid 69.99 and they sent it to you by Fedex 2day? geez...i got my grls storm replaced with Asurion (went to the vzw store around 7pm) and they sent the replacement that same night and was at my door the next day around 5pm with UPS.
    05-26-09 11:57 AM
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    $70 for any PDA?? It must be different for different carriers. I filed a claim on my daughter's RAZR 2 when i was with Alltel and i had to pay $95 for that POS.

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    05-26-09 12:05 PM
  9. dionsb's Avatar
    $70 for pda/blackberry...$40 for non pda/blackberrys...now any phone with a html browser is considered an advanced device...the monthly premium on smart phones and advance devices has increase also to $7.99/month...
    05-26-09 08:39 PM