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    I just found out i got into Birthright and im going to Israel next week! Does anyone know how much it cost to use it in Israel? I wont need it to make calls just BBM dad so he knows im OK and can let my mom know and facebook here and there lol..

    07-21-10 12:17 AM
  2. titusilvering's Avatar
    Wifi is free! If u manage to get it

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    07-21-10 12:27 AM
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    I use my Storm 2 in Israel all the time. Israel uses CDMA so Verizon works there for telephone, but it's $1.95/min. I rent a local phone, and then use my Storm for data only (email and internet). You call Verizon and ask to have international email, which is $65/month in contrast to the $30 or $45 you pay now for your data plan in the US with a smartphone depending on if you have BES or BIS. Verizon will prorate the $60 for only time used, so when I go for 2 weeks, it ends up costing me about an extra $10 for the month.

    Enjoy Israel! It's a beautiful country.
    07-21-10 05:10 AM
  4. Fnord's Avatar
    Since you're mainly looking to use BBM I would go with WiFi - otherwise roaming will kill you.

    I didn't have too hard a time finding open networks when I was there, but guess it depends where you'll be.

    Congrats on the Birthright - you are going to have an amazing time!!

    -Might also look into getting a pre-paid SIM when you get there (make sure you're S2 is unlocked to use it).
    07-21-10 09:47 AM
  5. dkingsf's Avatar
    Hey just for us Goyim , can you explain what "Birthright" is? Something very special it appears, but wouldn't mind learning about something new today besides blackberry stuff.
    07-21-10 12:23 PM
  6. Fnord's Avatar
    Hey just for us Goyim , can you explain what "Birthright" is? Something very special it appears, but wouldn't mind learning about something new today besides blackberry stuff.
    Very commendable that you would want to learn more about it!

    Birthright "is a Jewish Israeli registered charity, partly funded by the Israeli government, that sponsors free 10-day heritage trips to Israel for Jewish young adults. Birthright Israel's goals are to diminish the division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world and to strengthen participants' personal Jewish identity and connection to Jewish history and culture."
    Birthright Israel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Taglit-Birthright Israel: Homepage
    07-21-10 01:06 PM
  7. aboutDbuzz's Avatar
    Will a young convert with non Jewish parents qualify?
    07-21-10 01:17 PM
  8. dkingsf's Avatar
    Will a young convert with non Jewish parents qualify?
    I would assume so. Acceptance of the Torah, by my limited understanding, is far and away the primary requirement in Judaism, not heritage.

    Am I correct?
    07-21-10 01:30 PM
  9. Fnord's Avatar
    This might help shed light:

    Q. Who is eligible?

    A. The Taglit-Birthright Israel gift is open to all Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 26, post high-school, who have neither traveled to Israel before on a peer educational trip or study program nor have lived in Israel past the age of 12. Eligible individuals are those recognized as Jewish by the Jewish community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism; or if either parent is Jewish AND the applicant does not actively practice another religion.
    07-21-10 01:53 PM
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    I'm in Greece and works flawless.

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    07-21-10 02:10 PM
  11. Enphenate's Avatar
    It should work without a problem. I went to visit my family for 2.5 months there and it worked great (this was with the storm 1 as i was there before the storm 2 was released).

    What i did
    -Unlocked my phone (free through verizon just tell them you are going overseas)

    -Get the $60 a month data plan for unlimited Internet (i used it mostly for email/facebook to show my friends on a day to day basis how life in israel was)

    If you need a number while you are out there for local calls

    -Go to a Orange (the carrier) booth at a mall or somewhere and just open a new account with them, its very easy, they give you a sim card and a 050 phone number and all you have to do is pay as you go. You can buy Orange minute cards at almost any corner store or even snack shops.

    Switch from global to gsm if you want to go from data to phone calls and vise versa

    Worked flawless for me, had internet for my whole trip, and a local Israeli phone number for my friends and family.
    07-21-10 11:41 PM
  12. FutureDroid3owner's Avatar
    Hey guys!
    Thank You for all your answers and telling me about the trip! I cant wait. I called verizon and they are going to charge me $33 for the two weeks. Then i can use BBm and internet. So it works out. BBm dad to let him know im safe and update facebook for mom hahaha.

    Thank You everyone!!!!
    07-22-10 07:26 AM