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    Hello I just bought me a used blackberry storm2 online. The seller didn't provide any information except that it works fine with no issues (more like sold as is). It came from one of those inventory store shop sellers that sell it and ships it. It looks like this phone was using Verzion service since the bootup screen shows it. The other thing it shows the tiny sim card called VerizonWireless Vodaphone.

    So do I just take out my old phone sim card (Cingular/at&t) and place it in the Blackberry? You should see my old phone its 5 or 6 years old GoPhone company name Motorola. I could barely hear into the phone .Can this blackberry storm use pay as go? Would I also have to unlock the phone? Please provide me with some links. Thank you
    07-24-10 12:21 AM
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    The bootup screen will always show Verizon no matter what. Its in the branding. You will need to have the phone unlocked before you can just plug your SIM card in. Look on the site here, as there are several reputable unlock companies on here. I think the average cost to unlock is approx $10.

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    07-24-10 12:36 AM
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    Put the SIM card in first to make sure it hasn't already been unlocked.
    07-24-10 05:32 AM
  4. titusilvering's Avatar
    How much you bought it? Better pray hard the phone and pin is not lock down.
    07-24-10 07:43 AM
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    Unlocking my used is pretty hard to find out for free. Most of them were leading to buy the unlock from $14-25. I tried youtube but they still want me buy the dam unlock code, gosh. right now im trying to download a certain files from a bit torrent its pretty big one for blackberrys. If I can't a solution on how to do it free then im going to have to find a cheap place to do it. They show you how to do the unlock feature, but want my money instead. Someone yesterday here had a pdf file to unlock the blackberry, but the download was corrupted. usually i can find anything off the net.

    Would anyone recommend me a site that sells (unlock code) it for about 10 bucks. must be reliable and safe, no bogus scam. This person post "Unlocked Blackberry Storm 2 on AT&T MMS Not Working," underneath "Storm for At&t How To Guide.pdf (474.0 KB, 214 vie" was a corrupted file not being able to work..
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    07-24-10 11:46 PM
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    If the PIN is on a stolen phone list, there will be nothing you can do. You will never be able to activate it anyway.
    07-25-10 09:02 AM