06-24-10 10:53 PM
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  1. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    There's that word again. Calling another platform's devices "toys" must be like an involuntary reflex for you people. Makes you feel like "grown ups". Listen, These new Droids and the new iphone will easily outperform any blackberry. And don't even mention the future bb's, because those are basically the same phone with a different model number.
    The funny thing as, I mean besides the fact that you troll every thread to talk about how great Android is (), is that you have one of the crappiest android fones out! You're just mad because you shelled out $200+ for the droid and the incredible came out 2 weeks later. Sucks to be you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    06-21-10 03:51 PM
  2. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    Wow. My experience is completely different.
    Been a cell phone user since the very early 90's and startec/motorola/nokia phones on analogue networks.
    Only two phones stand out to me as being ones where I was completely satisfied with my purchase.
    The first was my first motorola Razr.
    I stopped reading here. Sorry, but the RAZR was by faaaaar the worst fone I ever came with 100 yards of. Funny thing is I wanted one so bad because they looked so sweet, but that's where all the fun stopped. Ironically, the RAZR2 was the best "dumb" fone I've ever owned. That's why my next step after that had to be a BB.
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    06-21-10 04:43 PM
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    anything i write
    Troll award of the year!
    06-21-10 10:16 PM
  4. amojeba's Avatar
    I have several email accounts and use my Storm more to message and keep track of information (texts, emails, etc..) than talk. The Incredible, even with 3rd party apps, just couldn't compete.
    The battery life on the Incredible was the worst I have ever seen in a phone and the screen was almost useless in sunlight.
    The one thing that I missed the most was the multi-colored LED on the front of my Storm. I have it programmed to display different colors based on the email accounts I use or the text messages I receive from certain contacts. I can look at my phone, at a glance, and know if it is something that demands my attention right away.
    I agree with all these points. The Incredible is an amazing phone - really all the credit should go to Google for their Android OS. The phone itself is satisfactory, but not great. It has HUGE battery issues, requires a recharge twice a day with moderate use. And this is after turning off Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi. I mean, who does that?
    It certainly can't email like a BB can, and the LED light on it can't be customized. Not only that, but you can barely even see the LED b/c it's so faint....so half the time I have no idea it's even flashing.
    Plus it has serious connection issues, no more than 2 Bars would whereas any other VZW phone gets 5 bars.

    I returned my HTC yesterday after only 4 days of constant use. Believe me, the OS is as you said - far advanced and ahead of the BB in many ways.
    But there are certain things it can't do very well, things that I rely on - 1.) Fast email, even Gmail lags and this OS is Google's brainchild; 2.) Battery consumption 3.) User Interface - not as customizable, the email app / UI is not as clean and intuitive. 4.) Screen is unreadible in the sun

    All in all, the android still has a long way to go before it will suit my needs. But it shows a lot of promise.
    Just my $0.02
    06-23-10 12:32 PM
  5. Ayrow's Avatar
    Thanks for your input. Yeah, I have to be honest, I am still really frustrated the Incredible didn't work out. It does so many things so well, but fails in simple areas where it really needs to excel. Like I said in my OP, I really wanted it to be my next phone and my first Android phone, but it just isn't there yet.

    Maybe the Droid X or the Incredible 2 will pan out better.

    Honestly, I think the biggest issue is the battery life. There has yet to be am Android phone released yet that doesn't suffer from the battery problem.
    I keep hearing, "Turn off Bluetooth. Turn off GPS, etc..."

    Why? I bought the phone for these features. If the battery can't handle the use of these features, there is a problem.

    Going to stick with my Storm 2 for now.
    06-23-10 02:22 PM
  6. amojeba's Avatar
    Why? I bought the phone for these features. If the battery can't handle the use of these features, there is a problem.
    Going to stick with my Storm 2 for now.
    Agreed...I'm sticking with my Storm 1 for now. Perhaps I'll upgrade to Storm 2 or 3 at some point, once OS 6 is released. But I think I'll be sticking with BB in the near to long term.
    06-23-10 03:58 PM
  7. JudgeHolden's Avatar
    This guy (JudgeHolden) sounds like he's just completely inept at using the Storm. I'm on .732 and my phone is perfect. No leaks. Awesome memory (42.5MB on mine, 46.8MB on my wife's). Super fast. And man does it do everything I need. My business would be considerably harder without it.

    As for the troll known as "TheOne01": My other phone, an overclocked Omnia II will outperform your Droid any damn day of the week. Period. Speed is everything right?
    Yup, that's it, I'm inept.
    I've had one phone get replaced because the backlight died, one get replaced because the screen started showing static instead of the proper display, one replaced because it didn't click as well (remember when we all got them and had to put folded business cards behind the battery?), one replaced because it dropped calls constantly, and one replaced because Verizon refused to swap out the failing battery without swapping out the whole phone.

    But it's my fault. Not Verizon's for forcing RIM to rush out an inferior product to meet the holiday rush. My fault.
    06-24-10 10:53 PM
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