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    Does anyone know if this is possible. What I want to do is create a link from my home screen or app screen to a link that connects to a website. For example I would like to have a crackberry logo as a clickable icon when clicked it would send me directly to the crackberry forums thus by passing all of the clicking of links to get here. Iam just using crackberry as an example there are many other site I would like to bookmark from my home screen. Thank you in advance for any input
    05-14-09 10:37 AM
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    Go to edlindustries.com. That site has a bunch of web launcher. Crackberry you can get the launcher from wap.crackberry.com

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    05-14-09 10:54 AM
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    You can create your own launchers by following the steps in the included link.

    How To Create Your Own BlackBerry Launcher

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    05-14-09 12:46 PM