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    this happened to me too, day 2 after getting my storm and trying to unlock it lol. the pin had zero'd out so it would show up as all zeros when connect to DM, it was a good laugh but here is how u will fixit, (taken from another forum)

    What I did was the following to correct it:

    1. Uninstall the OS version you downloaded from your computer
    2. Go to your providers Software page and get the recent copy of the OS and install
    3. Make sure desktop manager is not running
    4. Pull the battery and plug the device into your computer
    5. You should see after 10-15 seconds a little gray battery with a circle and strike through it.
    6. you will then need to go to a CMD prompt (Start > Run... > cmd > OK)
    7. type the following:

    cd "C:\program files" hit enter (hint if you hit tab after the pro it will auto complete it for you)
    cd "Common Files" hit enter
    cd "Research In Motion" hit enter
    cd "App Loader" hit enter
    del vendor.xml hit enter
    loader.exe /nojvm hit enter

    8. This will start the application loader with no Java virtual machine meaning it will connect straight to the device at the hardware level. Follow the on screen prompts to install the older version of the OS it might ask you if your sure you want to downgrade just chose yes.

    9. About half way though it will show on the screen that it is trying to connect to the device / JVM or Java Virtual Machine something like that. You will see the bar start to creep across waiting for your device to respond. You will need to put the battery back in at this point. If you miss this step you will eventually get the error that it could not connect to the device. If this does happen just run the command again above and start the process again. if you do catch it at the right time it should carry on installing the OS.

    10. Once the device come back up and is running you can use desktop manager to install all your other applications as the above will only install the OS and nothing extra.

    11. If the above does not work try uninstalling the OS version and keep going lower until you find one that works

    Let me know how this works for you I know it got me out of a bad upgrade.
    Thank You so much!! I just did this to my phone, and the first page I googled brought me here. Read this instructions and everything is loading up perfectly.
    04-07-11 08:16 PM
26 12