02-25-09 02:46 PM
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  1. DarrVao777's Avatar
    I'd prefer the iPhone to the Storm if it were on VZW.

    I'd consider moving to the Bold if it were on VZW.

    As it stands right now, I'm definitely happy with the Storm.
    02-25-09 11:31 AM
  2. Geocache_AZ's Avatar
    I'm happy. I don't mind a few bugs. It just depends on how much patients you have. I havn't thrown it yet.
    02-25-09 11:31 AM
  3. bkleman's Avatar
    I would miss the larger screen. However having a curve before this I miss having the physical keyboard. The shortcuts that the keyboard allows for are really lacking in the storm in my opinion. Now if they made the next storm with a slide out keyboard or something similar, that I would look into. As it is, my next will probably be the top of the line BB with a physical keyboard.
    02-25-09 11:37 AM
  4. pyroja's Avatar
    The Bold looks pretty sweet, for sure. I'll have to wait and see how VZW's Bold pans out.

    As for now, I love th Storm. It has its glitches, but every leaked OS shows improvement (Currently on .109) and I wholeheartedly believe there is a lot of untapped potential in this device.

    Now, if by May or June, when the Bold is s'posed to debut on VZW's network, the Storm is still glitchy and full of unrealized potential, I may have to really start considering my options.
    02-25-09 11:40 AM
  5. andrew1229's Avatar
    I have both in my hands right now. I love the Bold but I can't tell if that's because I'm used to not having a touch screen or not. I'm learning with the Storm but the auto complete feature when you are typing is horrendous. The keys are also not that big. I can type 5 times faster on the Bold with no mistakes. I've almost made a mistake every time I've typed a sentence with the Storm. Again..I don't know if this is a learning curve situation or not. I'm sure you can get good at anything given enough time. Dare I say the iPhone is much easier to type on.
    I personally prefer typing on the Storm to the iphone because it gives you more options. I still think the suretype in portrait (like the pearl) is the best and quickest option for typing, but I find that most people don't know how to use it because they don't trust it. They type a few letters and then try to correct instead of trusting it and continuing to type- it always picks up on the words you are typing and if you master when to use 'enter' and 'space' at the right time, most of the time you will only have to type half or 2/3s of the words and suretype will pick up the rest. I only use landscape full qwerty typing when I have to enter in very specific text (email address/website address/password, etc.).


    Overall, I think you have to compare the BOLD and the STORM in the proper context. The Bold is essentially the current pinnacle of the traditional blackberry design and given that it is an evolution rather than a new innovation, it is naturally more reliable, faster, and predictable. The Storm on the other hand is more of an innovation, a first attempt at a new design/technology for blackberries. To get all the advantages of this new creation, including the larger touchscreen, etc., you have to be willing to deal with the bugs, flaws, and shortcuts that new technology adapters usually face.

    I have a feeling that the 2nd generation of the Storm will be much more reliable and perhaps put the traditional blackberrries in a more envious position. What I would like to see with the next Storm is a design similar to the Palm Pre - with a full size touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard that slides out when needed.

    Don't get me wrong though, the Storm as it is right now is great and I think the reviews from late last year have already been rendered obsolete and will be more out of touch later this year.
    02-25-09 12:15 PM
  6. mystics7's Avatar
    the storm has been getting better with every beta release of the os just. I have an 8330 along with the storm and love using the storm more than the curve the track ball slows me down
    02-25-09 12:17 PM
  7. FLJesse's Avatar
    The Storm is my first ever blackberry so I don't have much else to compare it to other than playing with other blackberry's in the store and while I think the Bold looks awesome I wouldn't trade my Storm for anything. Can we all at least agree that no matter what, BlackBerry makes the BEST product of it's kind?
    02-25-09 12:24 PM
  8. paulanthonyc's Avatar
    Not me sir!!! I LUV my Storm. Ideally, I'd have both, but obviously until VZW offers a Bold in their line-up, that isn't possible. I'm not one of those ATT haters. I think the services are fairly equal when all is said and done. So, Carriers aside, I really do love my Storm. I'm not giving it up.
    02-25-09 12:41 PM
  9. bigwill1223's Avatar
    well if this supposed 9030 bolf for VZW comes out in may or thereafter, I will be all over that bad boy. i love my friends ATT bold, but i also love my storm and my VZW, but if i can have bold on VZW yup, but ill switch to the storm every so often and back
    02-25-09 12:47 PM
  10. iPhone4s79's Avatar
    Had VZW offered the bold at time of purchase I would have went with it, I'm kinda glad they didn't as I've grown to like my storm.
    However, I'm still on the stock .75 and longing for the next official release to address the issues the storm has.
    02-25-09 12:50 PM
  11. TheMerovingian's Avatar
    No way. I switched from a Pearl and love this phone. It has a few flaws, but it still beats any phone on he market

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    02-25-09 01:01 PM
  12. djBerry's Avatar
    I left AT&T because my Curve broke, I was outta warranty, and they don't offer insurance on BBerries. I had the option to stay with them and early upgrade to a curve, but I spent some time with the Bold and the Storm and I am now a VZW customer. They tried to get me into an iPhone, but it's not BlackBerry. It's not that iPhone is bad or good...just not BB.

    The storm is the future of BB. It's the new curve. The Bold was an early attempt at meshing executive power with teen-minded infotainment capabilities. In my mind it was a cheap rendering and lacked huge on the info-tainment side. The storm is everything it should be. It's fun, emerging, and terrificly frustrating at times but I'm a tech-fan. I like problem solving...especially when the solutions work out. The storm is solid and well designed and is completely fresh. I like that.

    On top of it all, my bill is about 15 dollars less and everyone in my network of friends is on VZW so the in0calling is perfect.

    AT&T had great reception, great service, but it's always the hardware that draws me in, and they didn't have that anymore. The Bold is not very bold at all. It is an old shill in a slightly new shell.
    02-25-09 01:08 PM
  13. lyoko37's Avatar
    I really liked the Bolds design and that is what drew me near the BlackBerry. The Storm is my first BB and I got it despite the horrible reviews... The reason I did was because they never complained about the Storms hardware it was just how the OS ran. That is all just software and software can ALWAYS be fixed.

    If I did have the chance (or money) I would definitely use both of them.
    02-25-09 01:17 PM
  14. oifvet1967's Avatar
    Will probably switch to the Niagra when it comes out but that wont be for a while so there's still lots of time for the Storm to take me by Storm
    02-25-09 01:46 PM
  15. jurt's Avatar
    If Verizon got the Bold, I would switch to that in a heartbeat. I'm not too pleased with my Storm right now (clicking issues).
    02-25-09 01:55 PM
  16. oifvet1967's Avatar
    If Verizon got the Bold, I would switch to that in a heartbeat. I'm not too pleased with my Storm right now (clicking issues).
    There's a fix for the clicking issues....search the forum.
    02-25-09 01:57 PM
  17. jurt's Avatar
    There's a fix for the clicking issues....search the forum.
    I know. I just don't feel comfortable tinkering with my device. If it gets worse, I'll go to my VZW store and try to get a new one.
    02-25-09 02:00 PM
  18. TheMerovingian's Avatar
    I know. I just don't feel comfortable tinkering with my device. If it gets worse, I'll go to my VZW store and try to get a new one.
    You dont even need to tinker with it. Just stick a little business card back there and bam, its fixed. You could also put a piece of paper behind the battery or use the torx method. Each works well, as I have tried them all.

    However, if you can get a new Storm, why not do it?
    02-25-09 02:12 PM
  19. korp#IM's Avatar
    I might have got the bold if they had it at the time but I'm pretty happy with the Storm.
    02-25-09 02:15 PM
  20. lyric27's Avatar
    never i think everything should be touch screen and HD lol
    02-25-09 02:17 PM
  21. Ralow's Avatar
    I will probably switch after the 1 year thing is over unless the upgraded OS changes my mind. I will miss the large screen but I never really take advantage of all the other features (video, music, etc.). I just want something that I can email, text, and surf the web efficiently and fast (and with one hand). I take a few pictures here and there but the Storm's camera is pretty crappy IMO (so far). Anyway, the Bold or Niagra or Jupiter or whatever its gonna be called will probably fit my needs better.

    The jury is still out for me until they finally get the latest OFFICIAL OS out there.
    02-25-09 02:23 PM
  22. dandrewk's Avatar
    Omigod, here we ago again. Another "apples vs. oranges" thread.

    The two phones are not even close to one another. If you want/need hard keys, wait for the Bold... or get a Curve. If you want a usable, full functioning media player and internet browser, get the Storm.

    Currently there is really ONE, and ONLY one, device that is similar to the Storm - it's called iPhone. There are others that are soon to be launched... eg. Palm Pre. It's pointless to compare the Storm to any other phone. And if you truly can't make up your mind, you have a LONG way to go in choosing, because it's not an "either/or" question.
    02-25-09 02:24 PM
  23. Optimusv2's Avatar
    Absolutely happy with the Storm. Definitely won't be switching to anything else.
    02-25-09 02:38 PM
  24. anon(34771)'s Avatar
    If the Bold and Storm were released the same day on Verizon...Bold
    02-25-09 02:43 PM
  25. Heartbreakkidd's Avatar
    **** nah lol

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    02-25-09 02:44 PM
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