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    I think it would be cool if people posted some tweaks they found and what it helps to do. Here are a few that I noticed. This is how you get to the settings

    Useful Options


    1. I set my leftside button to SMS and MMS so when I get a text I just hit the left button and it will take me to the messages.

    2. Laggy Keyboard typing fix

    Key Rate: to Fast
    Hover Period: 100
    Tap Interval: 300

    Those settings helped with the laggy keyboard typing.

    Browser Tweaks
    1. Those who hate mobile sites here is how you can get around that

    Browser>Menu Key>Options>Browser Configuration>Browser Identification
    Now instead of using Blackberry change it to Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    2. How to enable javascript
    Browser>Menu Key>Options>Browser Configuration>
    Click the box that says Support Javascript (it will give you a better browser experence but it will slow down the browser)

    3. Change image quality to speed up websites
    Browser>Menu Key>Options>General Properties>Image Quality
    Set the quality to low

    Change wallpaper
    In the main menu with all the icons click the Menu button and click options. In here you will find a few options. One of them is the wallpaper.

    Those are just a few tweaks if anyone has anyelse I would love to hear what you did to improve your experience.
    11-21-08 10:34 PM