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    Okay, so 2 months later (about), I am going to give the Blackberry Storm another shot. The first Storm I had, I bought it through Verizon, went through the activation process through Verizon, had them unlock it and tried using it on T-Mobile. Everything worked EXCEPT BB maps, internet browser and pretty much everything else...AND YES, I did do ptaylors T-Mobile service books guide.

    Nothing I did could get the damn thing to change from "edge" to "EDGE". I went into network settings and changed it to 2G & 3G and still nothing. Anyway, countless calls into Verizon did nothing as they insisted that the Storm couldnt EVER be used on T-Mobile (as we all know that is completely wrong). Calls into T-Mobile got me nowhere as they said there was no way that one could upload service books manually. However they were still a bit more helpful in trying to help me but it was still a no go. Trying to put in the Storms PIN and other info at my BIS.com site kept giving me an error.

    Anyway, after all the above I gave up and moved back to the Bold. And now I am back. I am going to have a brand new, unlocked and never activated by Verizon Blackberry Storm.

    What I am reaching out to you T-Mobile Storm users is what did you enter when you setup the Storm with T-Mobile at the BIS site (if you went that route)? Under change device I see "Device PIN" and "Device IMEI"...

    I know what the PIN is but I got a lot of conflicting information about how the storm doesnt have an IMEI. However surely you have to put something in that space.

    Any helpis GREATLY apreciated!!
    02-08-09 10:28 AM
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    The IMEI can be found under the battery by the pin number on the sticker or from options, status. Yes, you have the put the IMEI that goes with that pin number.
    02-08-09 12:37 PM
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    or just go to options, status and you'll see the #s there too
    02-08-09 02:20 PM
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    All devices have imei numbers. Its like a serial number or license plate for things.

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    02-08-09 02:24 PM
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    That's what I thought but when I was going through my storm issues the first time I was continually told by verizon and tmobile that they were called esn and not imei's and that they were entirely different. Anyway, thanks for the repies.

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    02-08-09 02:46 PM