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    I'm new here. I have a blackberry storm 9530 with Telus. It is running OS

    My issue is that the screen is unresponsive to a light touch (scrolling, highlighting, etc.) but will still respond to click of the screen although it is very slow and laggy. If I type very slowly it will be fine but as soon as I type fast it will freeze on a key and no matter where I click the screen it will continue to input that one letter. If I wait for the screen to go black then start again it is ok again but still no highlighting or scrolling.

    The only third party app I have is CrunchSMS so I have plenty of memory. When this first started happening a battery pull would occasionally fix it and temporarily allow scrolling. That stopped working and then I noticed that whenever I would plug into computer it would work great until I unplugged it.

    Now it has been stuck not working for 4+ days and nothing is working. I have an aftermarket charger which I read could be an issue? Or is it a software issue? Or something else?

    This is my second storm...my first one the screen became completely unresponsive after 11 months and they gave me a refurbished one that I have had 5 months now and is past the 3 month warranty.

    Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any information. Again I am kind of a newbie so any help would be great. I just want my phones normal functionality back!

    Thank you.

    10-20-10 12:29 PM
  2. MES28's Avatar
    Does nobody know what is wrong with my phone? Am I just SOL?
    10-22-10 05:30 PM
  3. Janye's Avatar
    back it up and do a fresh install. That's your best bet.
    10-22-10 09:07 PM