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    Hello Everyone,

    First off I'd like to apologize in advance if I'm not allowed to post new threads about my BB issues in here. I just want to get my BB issues out in the open as I'm finding the crackberry site to be quite difficult to navigate. Anyways I guess I'll get right to it. I recently bought an Unlocked Blackberry Storm (UK Vodafone) as it's the only BB Storm I can use on Rogers Wireless. I got it and everything seemed to be working fine until I noticed that some of my contacts calling me would show up as Unknown number. I figured out that it was people on the Telus and Bell networks that were coming up as unknown. I went back to the purchase place, they updated the phone and told me to call Rogers and ask them to remove the name display service. I have not done this yet as I wanted to know who on this site can help me and what other solutions there might be. I'm also having screen click issues, I think some sand grains got in between the screen and the phone frame and. Not sure the best method of cleaning that stuff out. Anyways thanks for any help anyone has available to give me, its most appreciated.

    06-28-09 07:34 PM
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    Ok, I'll try to help with some of them. Telus and Bell only transmit phone numbers to call display, not names. Its possible the name display service is messing with that I guess.

    You could have purchased a Verizon 9530 unlocked and used that on Rogers, it is just a Telus 9530 that doesn't seem to fully unlock correctly for use on another network.

    As for the sand around your screen, I'm not gonna ask how you managed that. First thing to try would be a vacuum, use the edger attachment and go around the edge of the screen. Do so at your own risk, I haven't done it, but have heard it works. I won't guarantee it won't damage your phone though.

    The other thing to possibly try is a shot of compressed air from a keyboard cleaner. There is of course danger of damaging the phone, although limited I would think since this is designed for electronics. The other risk is that the air will push the sand under the screen instead of blowing it out.

    There are threads on here with instructions on how to disassemble your storm...since you have no warranty to protect it might be worth doing it that way if you're mechanically inclined.
    06-28-09 09:41 PM