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    hi, i just got an unlocked verizon storm 9530 and i want to use internet on it without taking a BES package. So i emailed my carrier and they told me to:

    STEP 1: Configure WEB APN
    * Go to Options
    * Click on Tools
    * Choose Advanced Options
    * Click on TCP/IP
    * Tick APN settings Enabled

    STEP 2: Ensure Right Proxy
    * Go to SAecurity Options
    * Click on Advanced Security Options
    * Choose TLS
    * Ensure that TLS : Handheld

    so that i could connect but still it does not work and i went to their headquarters where i left my phone and they still were not able to do anything. I have tried these settings with some other blackberry keyboard versions(from at&t,Verizon etc..) and they all work so why not the storm.Is there any service book that needs to be setup for the browser as they told me they were not able to get the browser even appeared. also i think that these people were not able to do it right as they assumed that since my phone did not have a front camera it was not a 3G one and i had to tell them that the 3G is a network and showed them the icon on my phone.please somebody
    05-31-10 01:02 PM