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    Here the official Prices of the BlackBerry Storm @ Vodafone Germany:

    Vodafone Superflat WE (9,95 mtl.) : 199

    Vodafone Superflat Mobile (24,95 mtl.) : 149

    Vodafone Superflat (39,95 mtl.) : 49

    Vodafone Superflat Allnet (89,95 mtl) : 1
    11-17-08 01:55 PM
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    What minutes and texts do you get for those prices?
    Would like to know if we are getting screwed over here as bad as I think we are
    UK is cheaper(well, price is kinda the same but a sh.tload more minutes and texts).
    Okay, we'll get the handset for free on a €52,50 monthly, but that is just 300/300 and unlimited data.
    11-17-08 02:53 PM
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    All Contracts are Flatrates ....

    Vodafone Superflat WE you can phone 4 free at weekend in the german wire and the vodafone de network other providers 29 cent per minute

    Vodafone Superflat Mobile all calls in the vodafone de network 4 free german wire network and other providers 29 cent per minute ...

    Vodafone Superflat all calls to vodafone de and the german wire network 4 free other providers 29 cent per minute

    Vodafone Superflat Allnet all call in germany 4 free

    SMS Flatrates to Vodafone 5€ per month max. 3000 SMS

    SMS Flat to all providers 25€ per Month 3000 SMS and 1500 MMS but the MMS only to Vodafone

    Without SMS Flat you must pay 19 cent per SMS.

    Mobile Internetflat 4 Cellphone cost 9,95€ per month.

    Vodafone InternetMessaging S incl. 1 MB for email cost 2,95€ per month

    Vodafone InternetMessaging L incl. email-flat and 40SMS to all networks 9,95€

    Vodafone InternetMessaging Flat incl email-flat 3000 SMS to all networks / 1500 MMS to vodafone and instand messenger flat cost 25€

    All Vodafone InternetMessaging Flats you can buy only with the Blackberry Storm
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