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    Is this partly due to anticipation of iphone #3 due out this year, so people holding off?
    There was news a few weeks back of Apple losing share everywhere. If so, I wonder why - can't just be Jobs's health issues?

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    I'd say it has to do with the fact Apple has ONE phone. After the initial crush of people who wanted it, numbers were bound to drop. Numbers will shrink even further in their present quarter. People who really wanted one bought it. Lets face it, contrary to popular fanboy beliefs, not everybody wants one. Apple will sell under 4 million, probably 3-3.5 this quarter, and RIM will move closer to 8+ million.

    Whats interesting is the lack of coverage this story received. Hear those crickets chirping? If Apple had outsold RIM 2-1 and commanded more then double the market share, journalists would have been all over it announcing the supremacy of the Iphone, claiming all other manufacturers should pack it in and that they should concede that they can't compete with the mighty Apple.

    Remember the headlines after the 3G launch when Apple managed to outsell RIM for a single quarter?
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