1. jcshear's Avatar
    My blackberry storm only rings about two times before it goes to voicemail. The person calling me says it rings about 5 times but it doesn't start ringing on my device. Does anybody know how to change that?
    02-07-09 04:33 PM
  2. NickyParsons's Avatar
    Are you using a custom ringtone? Try moving it to your phone memory and not the media card. (I keep it on the media card without any problems)

    But perhaps your phone struggles to seek it out on the media card which is why it only gets to ring twice before heading to voice mail?
    02-07-09 04:50 PM
  3. conodor's Avatar
    i have this same problem. lemme try to move it to the phone from the card and see if that helps.
    02-08-09 04:16 PM
  4. MajorMajor's Avatar
    I had the same problem, but moving it to phone memory worked. Thanks!
    02-08-09 04:31 PM