1. Devil's Avatar

    I use BlackBerry Media Sync to synchronize my 9530 pics onto my PC. The good thing about that is, when I take new pics, it syncs just the new ones and leaves out the old ones that were previously syncd to the computer.

    However, lately, more often so.. it is syncing all the pics. No matter what. Like it forgets that some pics got syncd a few days ago, and redoes all of them.

    Also, "Show old pics" or whatever it is, is unchecked.

    What gives?
    07-03-10 02:51 AM
  2. yodatom10's Avatar
    Did u update your operating system since they last time u used the media sync feature if u did the new os may be causing your problems if not. U try searching on google and look for media sync trouble shooting tips

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    07-03-10 01:13 PM
  3. Devil's Avatar
    nope, no new OS :S
    07-07-10 12:34 PM