1. lh_4827's Avatar
    i bought the phone second hand, but had no issues getting my own email and internet services set up. all was well and good, apart from the fact i could only get GPRS, and occassionally, EDGE.

    so i decided to update my truly archaic SIM, to a more up-to-date 3G sim. all was transferred over, like my number, extras and such, including the blackberry bundle.

    however.. upon re-sending the service books, the Blackberry internet service one did not send, meaning i cannot access the internet browser. instead i have to use Orange world, which does not work on the phone, and is ultimately ****e.

    rang up customer services, they tried some message updates, re-sent service books, and also updated the sim card, all to no avail.

    tried a soft reset after sending service books, and also a hard reset. still no cigar.

    the guy was very helpful and patient, but there seemed to be nothing that could solve this.

    does anyone here know of anything that might work? i am pretty pissed off, as everythign was fine before i changed the sim..
    05-09-09 06:27 PM
  2. CanoeBoy's Avatar
    If you are on contract or payg then phone the orange help desk and ask for DATA SUPPORT, they are the BB experts for orange in Bristol.

    There is a number (3 digits) for this if you are on contract but i cant remember it.
    05-21-09 04:59 PM