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    Hi everyone,

    I have a few issues with my new Blackberry Storm 9530 (Verizon Wireless), I just got it unlocked for At&T and running on the new OS software After switching to the new OS I noticed my phone has been freezing and locking up a lot. I let it sit for a few minutes hoping it will go away, but it doesn't. A few things I've tried was rebooting it by taking the battery out, which works but then the stupid Verizon wireless screen shows up and doesn't go away and i cant access the main Blackberry menu. After I try rebooting it with just the battery not with no sim card and it works fine. But when I place my sim card back in, i have the same issue (Verizon wireless logo comes up) and i have to re due the process a few times but this time I left the battery sitting out for 5 minutes. Over all it takes 15 min for my phone to be back up and running and the issue of freezing is when I use BBM, GGtalk, Instango or Viigo. I have to do this reboot about 3 to 6 times and I have the new OS on my phone for the past 4 days. With the original OS i never had this issue and it is frustrating, but I am not going to give up on the Storm!!!

    So can any one help me with the following issues of:
    1. How can I stop the Storm from freezing or locking when I am using apps

    2. when rebooting why does the screen goes to the main menu and then to the Verizon logo


    Hope fellow Crack berry's out there can help
    01-26-09 12:31 PM
  2. hNic1185's Avatar
    Neither of those can be answered...

    Go back to an official os they seem the most stable

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    01-26-09 01:15 PM
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    I have loved all my blackberries and all my operating systems -
    Bb 7250, 8100, 8130, and now 9530, mostly unofficial- and this is
    the first time I've considered downgrading. I've never had a bb just freeze
    Up for no darn reason - I mean feeze up like a windows phone- just totally stop working

    The only good thing about .90 is the transparent camera component
    The acelerometer seems as slow and unresponsive as the .75 that mine came with
    (at times)

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    01-26-09 02:24 PM
  4. shatiek's Avatar
    Reverting back to .75 seems like a logical choice imho.
    01-26-09 02:25 PM
  5. mcm180's Avatar
    i may just go back down to .86 or .85 i don't remember which was the last one i had .. heheheh
    01-26-09 04:19 PM