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    In addition to being a Blackberry addict, I'm also also a Latin dancaholic; primaritly salsa, merenge, & bachata-dances with alot of hip motion, spins, and body movement. Being the Blackberry addict I am, I can't be without my device. And I'm concerned that because the BB Storm has components which allow the accelerometer function, and also the weight of the BB Storm, that the large amounts of motion, spinning, and body movement from the dancing could negatively the affect the device. Of course I've tried putting the device in sleep mode and I've secured and rapped it up in my pocket or hip holster to prevent excess moisture penetration and potentially harmful rigorous movement of the device. But I was wondering what other's expert opions are regarding this matter. And I'm also interested in any one else's experiences with rigorous physical activity and the BB Storm.
    02-07-09 12:03 AM
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    Accelerometers are MEMS devices designed to withstand a lot of shaking over a period that will probably outlast the life of your phone. And although I'm sure you're hip movements are very powerful, they won't be enough to damage that component. What I would be worried about, however, is the screen itself. Since it is designed to be a little loose to allow a tolerance stack up for clicking, the screen can move when the phone is shaken from side to side. I would watch for this, as this would be the first thing to fail.
    02-07-09 12:32 AM
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    I will defnitely take precautions when it comes to the shaking of the screen. I'm actually considering the Wobble screen fix that was posted on another thread. I don't think my screen wobbles too much, but I can feel the screen move when the Storm is in my pocket. Since then I've used a pouch and hope that the Wobble Screen fix when applied, will prevent excess movement of the screen. I'm also hoping the gaps between the screen and frame will be smaller more likely prevent dust from geting under the screen. Thanks again for your input!
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    02-08-09 01:27 AM