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    so i've had my Storm for 6 months or so, and for some reason about three weeks ago i first encountered this problem. it seems that when i receive an email in outlook it will be marked as unread, but as soon as the bis downloads it to my blackberry it will be marked as read in outlook, but unread on the blackberry.

    does anyone have a fix for this problem?

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    06-04-09 01:25 PM
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    no one? bump
    06-05-09 08:31 AM
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    If you go into your BIS settings via the website portal (not the email setup client on the handheld), I bet you you will find that the account in question is no longer setup as OWA integration but rather IMAP. IMAP4 sucks and this is a known issue sometimes with that. It's very possible your IT dept opened up the port and at the time this started happening you could have deleted and added the account back for some other reason, inadvertantly changing the config from OWA to IMAP4 since IMAP4 is a tried conduit before OWA is in the setup autodetection phase of BIS email setup.
    06-05-09 08:43 AM