1. yaoye78's Avatar
    Seems like BIS down again?

    I haven't been able to use 3G since 7:40am. NYC area


    Since no one is experiencing BIS problems, I reset my 9550 and everything returned to normal. Now the question: why?

    Here is what happened:
    I was listening to Pandora this morning, then it stopped, which is not unusual. As it didn't resume by itself after several minutes, I turned it off and restarted it. Pandora then stucked at the screen "starting your radio..." for 10+ minutes. I turned it off, also gone together was the internet...

    Looks like pandora blocking the internet somehow...
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    09-08-10 10:38 AM
  2. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    Really? I have been getting my bis emails in, but now that you mention it some are in clusters when I do get them and other times I get them right away.
    09-08-10 10:50 AM
  3. dk21's Avatar
    Early this morning I had no BIS. A battery pull fixed it.
    09-08-10 03:41 PM