1. Yeison's Avatar
    hi im running hybrid (radio
    on tmobile and i cant get some apps to work
    (ex.weather bug)
    i lose the EDGE to edge every time i try to enter my zip-code
    and other apps 2

    i just got my strom after a year using the 9700 i steel got but i like the sure-press and touch screen
    07-18-10 09:49 AM
  2. Djdominion's Avatar
    Yeison, I got the same issue and this is a bit long but I apologize but I think it might help somewhat. I've had a 9530 for about a mth & a half & keep getting the same thing. After frequenting many forums including this one & finally speaking w/"blackberry experts" at T-mobile on 2 occasions, this is a problem that affects some people but doesn't affect others. I guess it depends on the area you live. The first rep told me it is a service issue that T-mobile has been looking into for about a mth or so since they've been made aware of it w/no eta of resolution & that is all he could tell me. I recently called again a few days later to see if I would be given the same answer. The second rep seemed a lot more knowledgeable but basically told me the same thing. She said she had just had a call like mine a few moments before I called her. She stated that an internal memo she had, indicated that the problem was a svc issue that T-mobile engineers are working on & are oblivious as to what it could be. I asked if its possible if it's an issue on RIM's end w/their BIS but she std she didn't think so b/c they have been having problems w/some other unlocked cellphones on their network and I think she said some of their normally supported BB devices as well. I have an 8100 Pearl which I put the SIM back in & the problem does not occur so I think it is an issue w/the phone on this network. Many have complained about this phone in general and I like it, but when it comes to streaming music or video apps, it fails me almost 100% of the time. Besides that I'm able to make phone calls & send texts. I'm on the latest leaked software and it hasn't improved the EDGE vs. edge issue for me at all. Tried the older versions some recommended & of course adjusting the settings to no avail. The phone should just work properly at least on EDGE since you can't get 3g with it using T-mobile. I asked the last rep to escalate the issue to higher ups in TMO for our sakes & to request that they finally release a touch BB on their network & she std she definitely would esp. due to the increase in these rqsts & that many have asked for a touch BB & they are aware of the demand but she doesn't know why they haven't gotten one yet. I told her I am considering canceling & no longer using a BB & getting an EVO w/Sprint. I literally live right down the street from a TMO tower so this should not be occurring. I've heard rumors on some forums that Verizon asked Tmo not allow these phones on their networks at full accessibility and other rumors that RIM made the phone to be problematic if used on other carriers. I don't really believe though I guess anything is possible, but I do believe the phone was released w/too many bugs & not enough testing before being released which is evident by the original complaints many Verizon customers had. I believe that RIM could probably fix thru an OS update if they wanted to & if they will remains to be seen but they sure are dragging their feet to the dissatisfaction of their users.
    07-18-10 12:23 PM
  3. Yeison's Avatar
    hey thanks for your help but when i had OS the EDGE problem was solve and there was one OS 5.0.0xx (don't remember ) that was fine but i cant remember witch one was it . ill try every one (os) and ill let u know if i fine it
    07-18-10 09:29 PM