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    I am using the .90 radio currently with the .99 beta os. The radio isn't much better than the .99 and it still frequently goes from edge to EDGE. Would the .75 radio be any better? Please post your thoughts.
    02-14-09 04:51 PM
  2. Hairbear1954's Avatar

    I am experiencing the same kind of problems and have tried so many different combinations that my head is spinning. I have tried Sith's hybrids, the hybrid you are talking about, I am presently on .103 and experience the same random in and out of EDGE/edge.

    I do not think anyone has a good idea on how to fix this, but I hope with the start of this thread, someone may come forward with what they have tried and it works.

    I have changed a variety of phone settings with no real success. Every time I think I have it working right, it goes off again. I am using Weatherbug and I can go into it with the full EDGE and as it is loading it reverts to edge. Even closing the program it stays in edge. I have tried changing the settings in options-mobile network from global to gsm/umts. In gsm/umts with it set to 2G or 2G/3G, but I still get mixed results.

    What is the solution on the 9530? Maybe waiting for the 9520?

    Ideas? Anyone!
    02-14-09 05:10 PM
  3. drummer07's Avatar
    i might go back to the .75 or idk
    02-14-09 05:20 PM
  4. chavist's Avatar
    I am using the .90radio with .103 no issues with the radio. I have yet to drop a call and have yet to go to 1x

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    02-14-09 06:26 PM
  5. CapnPIMP's Avatar
    Huge dropped calls with .103 lots of 1X no EVDO rev A. I had bluetooth issues with Siths V3 music would cut in and out when connected ith my Parrot Car kit. However, my best overall performer has been V2 Hybrid but there's no camera.

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    02-14-09 10:42 PM
  6. supersasan's Avatar
    I have .103 and radio from .90 .

    i used to have edge for the first hour and then after about 60 minutes i would get EDGE and that would stay. but tonight my phone got rebooted for some reason and right after it came on, i got EDGE.

    i used to have .99 and i would get EDGE after about 10 minutes of switching between edge and EDGE. ( in general i like .99 way more than .103 but too lazzzy to downgrade)

    i heard there's a .111 in blackberryforums.

    is that true?
    02-15-09 02:39 AM
  7. TheWildHaggis's Avatar

    I have the European version of the Storm 9500, and this has major signal issues, ofter going from 3G down to sos and back. often calls are made using GSM. It is not just my handset that has these issues, many users on the VF UK Storm forum are reporting the same.

    So far VF are saying that it is a firmware issue, but is it relly?
    02-15-09 06:34 AM