1. texstorm2442's Avatar

    The 132 and 148 seem to drain battery at stupid rates.

    I put the oldest OS on my blackberry, battery lasts over 48 hours, infact 24 hours right now and only lost 1 bar.

    But the oldest OS, i hate the emailing system its all wonky, and other bugs.

    So whats the best OS is the question
    05-21-09 02:49 PM
  2. hookbill's Avatar
    You're asking a question that really can't be answered definitively. It depends on what apps you're running, if you use your GPS. How much use your phone gets.

    All you will get is opinions. My opinion is that no matter what I run battery life is the same, with the exception of BB Crackman's v5.

    Now that's an opinion and I guarantee someone will say they have great life with BB Crackmans v5.
    05-21-09 03:21 PM
  3. livetodrag's Avatar
    i think its all a mind game hahahahaha
    05-22-09 11:26 AM