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    Hello all, long time lurker here in the forums. Have always had fun reading on here and purchasing the Storm was my second BB purchase after becoming a Crackberry addict with the 8830.

    So....how many folks out there had good/bad experiences with Best Buy? After reading all of these posts about lines, problems, and order delays (plus trying a few different corp stores myself) I have to say I am REALLY glad I opted for the pre-order as a backup plan.

    When I went into the store, there was a customer who was trying to do an early upgrade, but the manager said there was no pricing in their system for it (only "on time" upgrades). So he got a refund, left, and I started my upgrade.

    Alas, I was in the same boat. But lo and behold, the Best Buy rep called a Verizon rep for me (the BB systems were down) and they pushed it right through. During all of this, the other customer came back after going to a corp store and started over again, and they were able to get his to go through by changing his plan to a different tier.

    For those that pre-ordered through Best Buy, I was just wondering if my experience was on-par with everyone else and also I was kind of interested in any other experiences (good or bad) that may have come up. I think it is interesting when things screw up the varying levels of service one gets to make things right.



    PS: BTW, lovin' the Storm! Takes some re-training, but otherwise it is great so far.
    11-22-08 12:26 AM
  2. MustangChris04's Avatar
    My bestbuy experiance was flawless. Was in and out. Came in at 10 AM when they opened. got my storm, and left. their system was also down so she did it over the phone. Nice and easy, got exact pricing as the verizon store. I paid 99 for the phone, but only 50 that day because I already had the 50 down payment.
    11-22-08 12:28 AM
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    I also had no problem getting my Storm @ Verizon. It took all of 25 minutes to setup everything. Left a happy camper.....
    11-22-08 12:48 AM
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    Best Buy Sucks! I was the first one to pay my $50 and reserve my Storm. They called me so I go in today to get it and a couple min. into it, he says, oh I'm sorry we can't help Verizon business customers, sorry. Would have been nice to know up front! By the time I hauled *** down to the VZ store they were out! Best Buy screwed me out of my Storm, I now had to order one over the phone and it may not ship until the 5th! WTF!!! F%$! you Best Buy!
    11-22-08 12:51 AM
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    Best buy did so well in selling the pre orders that they were told to stop and were only shipped limited quantaties. I'd say it is a success for best buy and a failure for Verizon

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    11-22-08 12:54 AM
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    I waited at Best Buy for 20 mins with no help. What a shame. I figured why not stop at Circuit City, it's only across the street. Got there and to find out, they were all sold out.

    I told them, okay, fine I'll get it online. At least I wont get charge an activation fee. The Verizon reps called a nearby VZW store and an associate went to get pick it up for me.

    Got the phone half an hour later in hand. Activated and no activation fee. I'm a happy camper.
    11-22-08 01:04 AM
  7. lucimolli's Avatar
    I had a great experience at Best Buy. I went to the corporate store and they were sold out and could not even order it. I went down the street to Best Buy and they had One left. Mine. Apparently, they only got what they pre-Ordered in but somebody came in today and cancelled. WTF? why would you cancel, well whatever. That's what got me my Storm. LOVEN IT.
    11-22-08 01:23 AM
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    Yeah, I was pissed about the activation fee also. Contemplating returning this line, and buying a line from Costco. That is how much it pissed me off.

    But, I hate MIRebates more. I don't deal with them, and don't consider them as part of the price. Way I see if VZW was selling them for 250, Best Buy for 226 (including activation and a free cheap headset). Now is Costco selling them for 199 is the question. Also, since I am a VIP will VZW waive the activation charge for me???

    Also, when they called me yesteday to setup a time, they left a voicemail about my pre-order and that they had the phones for me. I call back 30 min later and they told me ONLY the first 8 pre-order people TO ANSWER would get it on Friday. I said that wasnt in the message and that was typical from Best Buy and the manager overrode it and left me a phone with my name. Walked in at 10:30, and out at 11am without any issues at all. Just missed the activation issues i guess
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    11-22-08 01:27 AM
  9. Sneakyburrito's Avatar
    i originally had a 12oclock appointment at best buy to pick up my storm. They called me this morning at 10:45 am tellin me the UPS guy hasnt shown up yet. so with that, they gave me an extra $50 off the phone and 30% off the accessories i bought. I walked into my best buy at 2:30 and my current(at the time) phone rang with a voicemail tellin me that the phones had arrived finally. I walk 5 feet to the girl who JUST hung up the phone from callin me and told her that i just got the voicemail. sat down..20 min later i walked out a happy camper. i ended up spending 135 total for everything. My phone, Invisible Sheild, and a black silicone/rubber skin.
    11-22-08 01:45 AM
  10. hw_9-5's Avatar
    i was thrown a few curve balls at my best buy but everything seems good ... i went in this morning at 1030 and i was told they haven't arrived yet, the sales rep also told me that the stock they were getting were reserved for pre-orders, i showed him my pre-order slip he told me that they would start calling the people on the list once the phones came in. So i wait all day with my phone glued to me. 9 o'clock rolls around and no call so i head there to see what's going on, the lady there tells me they are going through the call list, and asked for my name. She found my pre-order slip and told me to expect a call sometime tomorrow afternoon, and assured me they will have storms in stock. So i guess i'll find out tomorrow, hopefully all will go well and hopefully i wont get a dud like so many others seem to have gotten hah
    11-22-08 01:48 AM
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    Nothing to do with Best Buy, but I can guarantee you one thing: I'm boycotting / never again going to the Verizon store closest to my house.

    A girl rep there took my name and number down and said I'd be the first person she'd call when she knew about the store's Storm situation (she took my info down like last week). This happened to be the third time the same girl had taken my info down about various things in the past, and she has never called. When I call her, she never answers, and never returns my calls even though I leave voicemails.

    After this last time I decided to not mess w/ this store again, but I checked 3 different stores today to see if they had any Storms in after finding out my phone-ordered Storm wouldn't be arriving for a while (next Wed?)... and so I popped into the store again, unfortunately.

    This time, 2 a$$hole guy reps. I tell 'em I ordered the Storm by phone at 8:30am and telesales said I'd get it Sat or Mon. They later called back and said I wouldn't get it til next week. I don't wanna wait til then. Can I get one here / do you all have any / can you cancel my telesales order?

    One guy started walkin around looking around at the inventory or some sht, while the other guy I guess was telling him what to look at, or something. The guy walking around: "Nah, we can't cancel telesales and since you ordered with them your account's froze so we can't sell you nanything." Said that while still walking and then quickly went back to asking the guy sitting down for whatever, hardly even acknowledging my existence....

    "But I just came from the corporate store on Preston and they said I could still buy if I were able to find it w/ discounts bc my phone-ordered Storm hadn't been activated yet."

    "No, sorry there's nothing we can do. I saw something like this happen before."

    "There's nothing I can do?.... Ummmm, aright"

    -while still paying me 0.0000000001% bit of attention, acting as if they were surprised I was still in the store they look up at me- : "Aright, buddy"

    Never going back to that damn store, that's for damn sure.
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    11-22-08 01:58 AM
  12. BPEEZY's Avatar
    i had a great experience at Best buy, got my phone and was happy. my brother didn't pre-order but someone cancelled their pre-order so they let him have it since he was with me, perfect timing 8)
    11-22-08 02:00 AM
  13. blackberrystormuser's Avatar
    Best buy is also receiving the rest of their order tomorrow just so everyone knows. I work for UPS and they are making us deliver to them first because of this...
    11-22-08 02:01 AM
  14. Five's Avatar
    Bestbuy called me and woke me up this morning at 11. I missed the call, but I called back and got through--which never happens. Took a shower, grabbed some cash out of my stash, and headed down to the store. When I got there, they had my name already on the phone and the headset. Activated, and left. No problems. I did ask them how many they got in and they said 5. They will be getting another shipment tomorrow apparently, but they have to sell them in the order they took ther pre-orders. Good luck everyone.
    11-22-08 02:07 AM
  15. DoMiNaTeD's Avatar
    i was first person to pre order it at my bb and they told me i get 2nd shipment. i got the 2nd shipment because it didnt matter who got it first, it was just random on who pre ordered it that day. so i got my money back, went to verizon and got it cheaper there with my vip discount.
    11-22-08 02:07 AM
  16. ClickClack911's Avatar
    Oh, and another thing. When that girl rep looked up my info, she said I wouldn't be able to get the extra $50 off for being VIP even though the corporate store, telesales, and another VZ store said I would get the extra $50 off....

    I have deep hatred for that store.
    11-22-08 02:08 AM
  17. shooptek's Avatar
    I had a good experience. They opened at 10:00, and I went over there around 11:00 after picking up a first storm at the Boulder VZW store. I was #2 on the list, and the store only got 3 units total. It was an easy process, and the sales woman was very helpful.
    11-22-08 02:09 AM