02-24-09 08:27 PM
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  1. project e46m3's Avatar
    This just happend to me last night...this chicks spilled a beer on my storm...now the bb & end buttons don't work!!! :-(
    02-02-09 12:05 PM
  2. afwriter's Avatar
    Well, if you would have had a ShamWow! on the table like they show in the ads -- this would have never been a problem. Plus, you could have sucked the beer right out of the ShamWow! and not missed a drop.

    LOL, glad to hear nothing went too bad with your phone.
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    02-02-09 12:46 PM
  3. LilySunflower's Avatar
    For future reference: I would skip the hair dryer and just go straight to the rice. The heat can warp/damage the phone severely.
    I let my friend borrow my storm (i know, i know, bad idea) while i was out of town last week and she spilled beer all over it. She's not the brightest girl and did nothing but take it apart. I now have it back and it turns on a little every once in a while but just goes white or the little waiting icon will show up for a while and the red light goes on. After a few minutes it turns off. I have been keeping it in rice and it stays on a little longer every time I try, but not much. She said it turned on for a little bit after it happened but the touch screen wasn't working. Any ideas from anyone?

    The sticker is completely red, btw, so insurance isn't an option. Please don't tell me to tell my server that it was lost or stolen. I can't use insurance anymore, they have a limit on how many phones they will give you, and I was way past that limit a looonnng time ago, haha. I have very very bad luck with cellphones.

    Oh, also, I'm not going to force the friend to buy me a new one, it was an accident, so that idea is out too.

    This is a tough one guys, are you up to the challenge?! ;-)
    02-24-09 08:09 PM
  4. fcortese's Avatar
    Glad it all worked out. Beer-domestic, imported, lite??
    02-24-09 08:27 PM
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