1. xanderharris86's Avatar
    So this might be a stupid question, but I used bbsak to back up all my apps and then wipe my phone to install a new OS. Pandora has come out with a new update since this time and every time I go to update pandora, it erases all the other files/programs that are 'controlled' by BBSAK on restart. Every time it does this I have to replug in my phone to my computer and reload all my apps, including the old version of pandora. My main question is: how can I remove BBSAK from my phone while keeping all the programs I had bbsak 'copy' ?
    05-22-10 12:48 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I have the same problem trying to install the upgrade of QuickLaunch. Does anyone have a solution?
    05-25-10 07:34 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I fixed my problem. What I did was to go to the downloads folder where QuickLaunch was installed and delete it. Then I rebooted my BB and went to the link to install the new version of QuickLaunch. It installed without the loss of anything else from the BBSAK backup.

    I would suggest the same thing for Pandora.
    05-25-10 08:46 PM
  4. RJSH_1727's Avatar
    Hi, can anyone help me? For some reason my BBSAK 1.7 is no longer Backing Up my Apps! It keeps stopping at 99%. I've done a battery pull on my phone, I've Restarted my pc, but it still stops at 99%. It was just working earlier this week/last weekend when I used it, so I don't know what happened?? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


    I'm also noticing that it's turning off my Radio when I unplug my usb from my BB, with my screen white and showing the computer n bb icons (even though the arrows of them connecting/transferring is no longer moving around) And my BBSAK just stays frozen on the computer, stuck at that 99% bar. The only way I can shut it down is thru the Task Manager. Thank you again!
    06-06-10 05:03 PM